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Innovative non-denominational Christian theology

Quotes from the Talmud, the Desert Fathers, and other sources rarely studied by students of Christian theology

A journal of my September 1997 trip to Israel

Pictures of other religious sites


This page is about my own personal research of Christian theology and spirituality for the purpose of discovering examples or methods of Christlike behavior that can be applied to daily life.  The rule here is to seek God with honesty and simplicity, and no preachy, self-righteous, "I'm right and you're wrong" attitudes.



Christian Pursuit is a practice that empowers Christians and those considering Christianity to really understand their religious world and make the best decisions that will lead to ultimate salvation and maximum spiritual growth.  It encompasses many theological and philosophical beliefs, but is simple in its message and approach.

The San Francisco Revival Ministry is our current outreach to spread the Gospel by promoting good works by Christians helping the homeless. Please click on the Angel and visit.

Christian Pursuit is about walking the walk and doing good deeds instead of talking about it. Everyone has opportunity everyday to be Christlike, and we show that through our interaction with the homeless in San Francisco, and demonstrate how others can too.


Critical Advice. These are paraphrased quotes of Christlike advice, mostly from the Desert Fathers, some from the Bible, some from the Talmud.

Relationship With God--the most important topic. If one can only acknowledge his or her relationship with God, then everything else is just details.

Repentance. The greatest threat to one's relationship with God is...the individual himself! The individual must fight against his own desires and strive to embrace God's will. Repentance is the cornerstone of that struggle.

Guarding Pursuit, also called Doctrinal Security. There are an infinite number of details that arise when seeking to do God's will. Sure, you don't know them all (and you never will), but you're not expected to either. What you are expected to do, though, is justify what you did and why you did it.

The Talmud (and the potential use of Jewish wisdom in Christian spirituality), plus a picture of the Ark of the Covenant.

Virtues. This is a summary of the common themes covered in the previous topics arranged in a handy by-virtue format so that examples of what actual virtuous behavior is can be identified.

Essay On Qabalah. Here is an e-mail question that someone sent to me asking about the Qabalah, and my response.

Outreach Statement.


Garden Tomb, the Garden Tomb Cross, and the Skull of Golgotha (a.k.a. Calvary).

David's Top Ten Fascinating Christian Artifacts.

My visit to the Wailing Wall in 1995. This doesn't have much to do with the Pursuit concepts, but it's a fun story with a lot of detail about actually visiting the Wailing Wall.

Fun Pictures

More Fun Pictures

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Pictures and Stories from Pilgrimage 97. Rafael and I were in Israel 9/26-10/4 and I shot 20 rolls of film. We did all the touristy stuff and met a lot of people. We rented a car and drove over 1,000 km in 9 days. We were at the Wailing Wall for Rosh Hashanah and got to hear the Shofar.

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