Judaism FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions about Judaism. Many sub-categories of explanations.
Hasidic FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions about Hasidic Judaism.
Live Picture of the Wailing Wall. This has of course the very popular Wailing Wall camera, but is also the location of (which runs the camera). has many items of interest to religious observers, especially current observance/calendar information.


AP Breaking News. Text only stories. Fast loading. Great site. See the story here before it's on the TV news!
Yahoo Headlines. Text only stories.
Drudge Report. Famous political news site. Fast loading. Many, many links to practically every specialized news agency or news personality. Also has late-breaking stories.
CNN Interactive. Variety of news. Extra links for research. But lots of graphics and slow loading.
Far Shore News. Very excellent place to see archives of real stories on New Age issues.
Earthfiles News. Stories and interviews dealing with New Age issues and stories.


Art Bell Home Page. The radio phenomenon that deals with New Age issues. Is it journalism? Is it entertainment? Who knows?
Art Bell Links Page. This has news items plus other items of interest.


Catholic Apparitions of Jesus and Mary. A very complete listing of apparitions, such as Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje, etc., as well as many other lesser known apparitions. Includes links to sites and even church approval status.
Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the 20th Century. Another good Mary site. Also has links to other interesting material such as papal prophesy and Eucharistic miracles.
Monthly Messages from Medjugorje. On the 25th of each month, Mary reveals a new message to one of the Medjugorje messengers. The new message is usually added on the 25th or no later than the 26th.
The Prophesies of Saint Malachay. This is the guy who predicted every Pope until the end of the world, and supposedly there are only two left. Pretty famous actually.


California-Nevada Recent Earthquakes Map. Great graphic of recent earthquakes in California (where I live).
USGS Earthquake Data. List of every earthquake in the world over 3.0 in the past few days. Near real-time.
Current Solar Flare Conditions. This type of information has recently become popular and will be even more so as the solar maximum (peak of sunspot activity) approaches.
Solar Images. Dozens of graphics of current solar images from different types of observatories. Note: some images are not current, just the latest released image which is sometimes days or months old.


These are links to the book title info at various book sellers on the web. You can buy from them or copy the information down and look at your local bookstore, or go to the library.

Sayings of the Desert Fathers. This is a core book for this web site. Very highly recommended.

DISCLAIMER: Personally I think disclaimers are stupid and pretentious, but I have to put this on here so you don't think I endorse these links. My web page is about independent pursuit and independent thought, and that means being responsible for looking and knowing what's out there. In so doing I found some interesting things, but not because I like it or endorse it, but because I just find them "interesting." But the majority of the links I do like and would endorse.

Definition of NEW AGE as used on this links page (and web site): If you haven't explored the theology of this web site, then you may not be aware that I aspire to be a non-denominational Christian with Jewish additions. I do not have as part of my faith any beliefs which do not have their origins in early Christianity and/or Judaism.

In the past decade or so there has been an dramatic increase in the belief in aliens, UFO's, pre-civilization (e.g., origin of the Pyramids), psychic phenomena, destiny of the human spirit and its cosmic evolution, interpretations of Biblical prophesy and alternative prophesy (e.g., Mayans and 2012, Third Secret of Fatima), apparitions of Mary and other spirits, etc. This trend and increase of alternative beliefs is what I am calling New Age items for the general purpose of describing something which is difficult to describe.

I believe these New Age trends need to be studied. I do not think they necessarily need to be believed in, but since a lot of people do believe in them, it helps to know why. I make the argument in a different part of this web site that if a person refuses to have faith in God "just because," but then believes in some New Age belief, how hypocritical is that? Our faith is being tested in our generation just as it was in 30 AD, 100 AD, 1517 AD, and always. Our lives are defined by the decisions we make in our unique cultural environment. For those people living in this age and making decisions concerning their religious beliefs, the New Age is an exciting but dangerous element in our lives. Choose carefully.

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