Have faith in GOD

Have faith in JESUS

BELIEVE that through Jesus you have an opportunity every moment to repent of your sins and receive forgiveness from God.

BEGIN your new spiritual life--and be SAVED from damnation knowing you are in a relationship with God.

What does Jesus dying on the cross mean to you? It's God's way of offering you the simplest means to salvation and spiritual growth. All you need to do is HAVE FAITH. That's simple, but for some reason for some people it's hard. Well, if you think that's hard, try earning your way into Heaven. You can't do it. Nobody can.

It's impossible for us to know why some have faith and others don't. God reveals Himself to different people at different times. There is a real relationship process between God and the individual. It's something that cannot be measured or explained scientifically. It happens on the spiritual, metaphysical level, beyond outside perception and judgment. But it IS real. And God makes the individual know that it is real.

People in a relationship with God can only witness about their own personal experience. But it is God who actually brings a person into a new relationship with Him. It is an initiation that is unique with every new Christian, and can only be truly understood by that person, since it is only experienced between God and that new Christian.

So how does one get from the point of not knowing God to being in a relationship with God? As was said above, God reveals Himself differently to each person. But we know that God calls EVERYONE to believe in Him and know Him and be in a relationship with Him, even though not everyone responds to that calling. So why are we telling you these things? We want to make sure that you are aware that God is WAITING for YOU to respond to Him!

And don't misunderstand our motivations. Sure there's a lot of talk of prophesy and End Times. But that's really besides the point. You could die in car crash TODAY. You could get killed walking across the street. You could have a heart attack, or aneurysm, or stroke, and die instantly!

Or if you like the dramatic stuff, how about an earthquake, the BIG one. Or biological terrorism, or chemical terrorism, or nuclear terrorism. Or how about a small meteor landing in the ocean, and here comes a 1,000 foot tidal wave.

But either way, whether you die in a street accident or die of anthrax, or even die in your sleep of natural causes when you thought you would live longer, it all boils down to this: No more chance to repent for you. No more chance to know God in this world. No more opportunities to get from life whatever it was God sent you here for in the first place. And--"May God have mercy"--no growth or relationship to carry with you into the afterlife, whatever it may hold.

We don't believe in scare tactics (really). We believe in being honest with oneself TODAY and making the big decision--who are you? Do you even have a spiritual life? Are you a creature that reacts and responds to culture with no moral or spiritual authority other than your own TV-influenced mind? Come on, you know you have a soul, but it's the big area of your life where you procrastinate acknowledging it until...when?

We think many people ignore the option of God and Jesus because they are ignoring their own spiritual existence. But if you ever get honest with yourself you'll realize that you do have a spiritual existence. When you finally realize it, you may become a Christian, or a Buddhist, or even invent your own religion. As a spiritual person we believe you are showing God the quality of your soul because you had to sacrifice some ego and self-reliance in order to have faith in something that cannot be proved "scientifically."

And if you are in touch with your spiritual existence, why don't you consider having faith in God and Jesus? Try to forget your bad experiences with any sleazy preachers or ignorant witnesses that you had the misfortune of meeting. That was only their opinion when they turned you off of Christianity. You judged the whole of Christianity too harshly when you wrote it off completely because of some bad apples.

This is a message of simple relationship with God. Reach out to God, and if He doesn't answer, then tell Him you tried. We promise you "Some Day" you will wish that you had at least that much of a defense. And don't have ugly motivations when you reach out to Him. Do it because you believe you have an eternal soul, and you want guidance and love and assurance that all your sins are forgiven. Jesus died on the cross for you so that 2,000 years later you could enter into Heaven just because you had FAITH and not because you had to earn it.

But really, give God a chance. He is God after all, and He's not an idiot. We're all here for His greater purpose, and we assume that means He has some interest in making sure you have reasonable opportunity to respond, believe, have faith, and repent. As for any details as to why you didn't or couldn't or wouldn't, those details can be worked out NOW, or they will be dealt with LATER.

If you think you're a genius and have the perfect reason for not responding to God, you better think it over again. And again, and again, until the time that you die. And at least that way you can say you were persistent in your consideration, even though it ended in your disbelief.

And for those who are new Christians and those who are old Christians, start living your life like you are spiritual people and children of God! Don't avert your eyes from the homeless. Get to know them and help them out! Who cares if 10% or even 90% are drug users or alcoholics--they need food and shelter and clothing. If you can't give money, then give them your leftovers from dinner or from a restaurant.

Give them clothes you don't need or like anymore. Or just talk to them and ask them what they need, and you might be surprised that you have what they need! And not just need for creature comforts (like you), but actually need to live.

Those are virtues to be practiced with your "neighbor" and fellow human beings. But you also need to control your inner virtues as well. Don't be ambitious, climbing the company ladder through gossip and one-upmanship. Don't spend your time obsessing about how you're going to make your first million. God will provide for you if you make $10,000 a year or $100,000 a year. And don't spend extra for luxury or vanity. Get by with the necessities and give more to charity.

Ask yourself constantly, "What can I do and how should I be living in order to control my unvirtuous behavior and live in a more perfect, honest relationship with God?" And always look at Jesus and the Bible for your examples of what it means to be virtuous in the eyes of God.

This is real power, people. When you can master even the simplest virtues, you will awaken and realize you have a real soul. (Even you old Christians.) God will save us because we have faith in Him, but we don't know how He's going to handle the differences in people who slide by and those who actively try to be virtuous and imitate Jesus' life and follow his commandments.

If you can't come to our church, go to a church in your neighborhood and join the Christian community that seems right to you. Study your Bible and make sure the church you attend adheres to your understanding of God's laws and wishes for our behavior when we are in a relationship with Him.

Be JOYOUS that you have a personal relationship with God and Jesus. Don't fear death or the apocalypse or anything. You'll be with God in this life and the next!

Come and worship with us if you can. But worship with someone.

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