Since I shot 20 rolls of film and ran around Israel tirelessly for 9 days, I obviously have a lot of pictures and stories to choose from. But instead of being boring and showing pictures of all the normal touristy items and talking about them, I'm going to focus on the unusual and unique things that Rafael and I did in Israel. There are some pictures of the major tourist sites, but you've probably already seen all that on TV or elsewhere.

Click here for Pictures and Stories, Part 1. This includes the introduction, the hotel, the misadventure with Ahmed, and Jericho. Dates covered: Friday 9/26, Saturday 9/27.

Click here for Pictures and Stories, Part 2. This includes Tiberias, Sea of Galilee, Wailing Wall, Bethlehem. Dates covered: Sunday 9/28, Monday 9/29.

Click here for Pictures and Stories, Part 3. This includes Hebron, Masada. Dates covered: Monday 9/29.

Click here for Pictures and Stories, Part 4. This is a special page dedicated to our visit to the Church of John the Baptist at En Karem on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Dates covered: Tuesday 9/30.

Click here for Pictures and Stories, Part 5. This includes Temple Model, Garden Tomb. Dates covered: Tuesday 9/30.

Click here for Pictures and Stories, Part 6. This includes Dome of the Rock, Via Dolorosa, Church of the Redeemer, Mea Shearim and Rebbe Nachman's chair. Dates covered: Wednesday 10/1.

Click here for Pictures and Stories, Part 7. This includes Old City at night, Wailing Wall on Rosh Hashanah, Tower of David, Tomb of Samuel, and Caesarea. Dates covered: Wednesday 10/1, Thursday 10/2, Friday 10/3.

Click here for Pictures and Stories, Part 8. This includes Nazareth, Jordan River (Yardenit) and David's Baptism, Mount Tabor. Dates covered: Friday 10/3.

Click here for Pictures and Stories, Part 9. This includes Wailing Wall, Rampart Walk, Garden Tomb view, Pool of Bethesda, Qumran, En Gedi Spa, Final Words. Dates covered: Last Day, Saturday 10/4.


Friday 9/26

Arrive 3:00 PM
Pick up rental car--Fiat Punto
Arrive Mount of Olives Hotel 5:30 PM

Saturday 9/27

Holy Sepulchre
Dome of the Rock with Ahmed
Church of All Nations
-Rafael camel ride
Shekhem / Nablus
-Tomb of Joseph (entry not permitted)

Sunday 9/28

Road to Tiberias
Israeli soldier hitchhiker
Yardenit Jordan River baptismal site(1st time)
Lost looking for MB route
Mount of Beatitudes
-house of St. Peter
-Church of the Multiplication of Fishes and Loaves
-boat ride Sea of Galilee
-Jewish cemetery, but not Maimomides' Tomb

Monday 9/29

David at Wailing Wall 6:00 AM (9:00 PM Pacific time)
-see picture
-Church of the Nativity
-Cave of Jerome
-Rachel's Tomb
-Cave of Machpelah / Tomb of the Patriarchs
Countryside between Hebron and Qumran (Lost)
Dinner at King David Hotel Cafeteria
Folklore Show at YMCA in Jerusalem

Tuesday 9/30

Church of John the Baptist's Birthplace at En Karem
Model of Jerusalem during Second Temple Period
Robinson's Arch
Shorashim Store
More Jerusalem
Holocaust Museum
Shrine of the Book (Dead Sea Scrolls)
Israel Museum (closed)
(Together Again)
Garden Tomb
Ben Yehuda at night
Dinner at Trios Cafe

Wednesday 10/1, Rosh Hashanah at Sunset

Dome of the Rock without Ahmed
Via Dolorosa, Stations of the Cross
Church of the Redeemer
-climb tower
Roman Gate ruins at Damascus Gate
Solomon's Quarries aka Zedekiah's Grotto
Mea Shearim
-Breslover Synagogue, Rebbe Nachman's chair
Ben Yehuda
-House of Harrari Harps
Rockefeller Museum
More Old City
(Together Again)
Wailing Wall at Sunset (Rosh Hashanah)
Old City at night
Ben Yehuda
Dinner at Trios Cafe again

Thursday 10/2

Chapel of the Ascension (next to hotel)
Wailing Wall (more Rosh Hashanah services)
Tower of David
Mount Zion
-Church of the Dormition
-Tomb of David
-Room of the Last Supper
Tomb of Samuel
-denied admittance

Friday 10/3

-Roman Theater
-Crusader City
-Elijah's Cave (closed)
-Sky Car to Carmelite Monastery
Yardenit (2nd time)
-David baptism
Mount Tabor
-Church of the Transfiguration
-Church of Elijah (closed)
Ben Yehuda
-Dinner at Trios again

Saturday 10/4, Last Day

More Old City
Rampart Walk on Old City Walls
Pool of Bethesda
En Gedi Spa
-Float in Dead Sea
-Mud Bath
-Sulfur Shower
-Sulfur Jacuzzi
Check Out of Hotel
Turn in Rental Car
Depart Ben Gurion Airport 10:00 PM

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