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I'm not writing any of this to convert you. I'm assuming that you already acknowledge your responsibility to seek God, and that you're here to get a different perspective on how to seek God, on how to possibly do it better and certainly with better security.

And for those who have not yet accepted God, your coming here must mean that you are curious and you too are seeking after God. It is important to realize that by seeking after God, by trying to understand his word and his relationship with you, then you are providing yourself with a defense when you are judged in the hereafter. Don't be like those people who reject God without any consideration.

And for everyone, always remember: God is real. Jesus is real. The judgment is real. And our responsibility to choose between God and the world is also real.

Our God is a personal God. He is fully interactive in your soul and in your world. If you haven't acknowledged his presence, it isn't because God wasn't available. If you would like to think that God has hidden himself from you, then tell him that on the Day of Judgment. Really, I'm serious, that can be your defense. But before you take that position to the grave with you, make sure that is the real reason. If your pride has kept you from being faithful, then work on being humble. If your anger has kept you from accepting God's will for things that have happened in your life, then "Get over it!" and open yourself up to God's infinite possibilities. Live in the present. Take advantage of your option to believe while you still have an option.

What really astonishes me is how many so-called atheists are complete believers in many New Age philosophies. People can somehow open themselves up to those possibilities, but can't to God? People can have faith in the influence of horoscopes and the stars, but can't have faith in Moses and the hundreds of thousands of Jews who experienced the Exodus? Or can't have faith in the apostles and hundreds of disciples who experienced the life and miracles of Jesus and the apostles in the first century? Of those who were so convinced in their experience that they gladly welcomed a painful martyrdom knowing that God was real, and that Jesus had revealed God's truth?

Many people dislike religion only because of the forms that they have encountered it in. I think many resist Christianity because of the bad experiences they have had. That's the nice way of saying some people don't like Christianity because they identify Christianity with those sleazy tele-evangelists, or with uneducated witnesses who were narrow or misguided in their vision of Christianity when they witnessed to the non-believer. If that's what happened in your situation, then you're lucky you found your way to this Home Page. I don't like those people either! In Christian Pursuit the focus is always the individual and God. Forget about your unfortunate experiences in the past, and focus on developing a recognition of God in your life, and build outward for there.

"If you seek God you will find him." What if you seek and don't find him? First, be sincere in your seeking. Eliminate any ugly motivations that might be causing you to search. Search because you have felt in your soul that there is a personal God who has called you to search. Search for that feeling until you find it. Don't act like some scientist conducting an experiment.

God is a personal God. In a lot of the New Age alternatives to religion that I've studied, that's the one element that you never see--a personal God. There might be guardian angels, or spirit-guides, or less-than-God entities that you might have contact with. This is all part of the great Satanic strategy! What makes these New Age beliefs truly evil is how they substitute quasi-spiritual fictions in place of a real, personal God. Individuals lose their perception of God's closeness to them, and relate instead to their Tarot cards or telephone psychics or ancient Earth spirit-guides. In fact, even if you're a Christian that prays too much to angels, you're just as bad as a New Ager that meditates on the Universal Light of the Universe. Never, never, never think that God is distant or unavailable, uncaring or disinterested. God will always be closer to you than you will ever conceive, so why be anything but completely open to God, directly with God.

This is a tough topic for me to write. I just can't do justice to this with quotes or essays. You're just going to have to experience it on your own. Plus it's different for people who are on different levels of openness with God. You can never go wrong with just being open and honest with God. Try praying to God silently at all times during the day, no matter what you're doing, even if it's a five second reflection while you're driving, or working, or whatever. Just make it personal and real. Do this often and with increasing sincerity, and you will have an excellent foundation to grow with.

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