Visit The Wall * One of my absolute favorite places on the Internet. This site shows LIVE pictures from the Wailing Wall, updated every minute.

Yahoo Christianity Links * The Christian Pursuit Home Page is listed under the Commentaries section.

Click here to see a (better) picture of the Red Heifer! Read about the Red Heifer in the Book of Numbers, Chapter 19.

Click here to visit Shorashim. Shorashim is a great little store in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem. They sell all sorts of Judaica and souvenirs too. I spent over an hour talking with Moshe about theology and other topics while other customers drifted in and out and talked with Moshe and his brother Dov too. They are two of the nicest guys I met during my vacation in Israel, and I was inspried to visit them because I saw their web page on the Internet. (Click on the pictures to see the larger versions.)

Click here to visit Harrari Harps. Harrari Harps is another store I went to in Jerusalem because I saw their web page on the Internet. The couple who run the store specialize in making harps in the style they were made in during the time of King David. Shoshanna, who owns the store with her husband Micah, played the Nevel and 10-String for me. I must say she played very beautifully. Unfortunately I can't afford the $2,000 price for those harps, but they also sell a Door Harp for about $100 which I'm hoping to buy soon.

Click here to visit the Mount of Olives Hotel. This is where Rafael and I stayed during our 1997 vacation. It's run by the Dawud family. The hotel is literally at the top of the Mount of Olives, and our 3rd floor room had a completely unobstructed view of the Old City. Rafael and I spent several hours talking with Ibrahim, the hotel manager, about all sorts of things, including our common interest in the Internet and web page design. The hotel also provided breakfast and dinner for around $5 a day, and they were huge, delicious meals too.

Top photo: Front of the hotel. Middle photo: the manager Ibrahim in yellow, his father far left, Rafael far right, me in white T-shirt. Bottom photo: the view from our room, a true room with a view. Notice the golden Dome of the Rock on the left side. The view is looking down from the top of the Mount of Olives toward the east side of the Old City. (Click on the pictures to see the larger versions.)

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