Top Ten Fascinating Christian Artifacts


1. The Garden Tomb, Garden Tomb Cross, and the Skull Image at the Garden Tomb. Three items that could very easily be three separate entries in the Top Ten. Together as one entry they are very impressive. This is a link to the page that I created for this entry.
2. The Space Under the "Rock" at the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount. I'm still looking for a specialized page for this, so this too links to a story on my own web site about the "room." The rock itself would be the artifact, but the room is where you experience it. Check back soon and I hope to have a better page for this.
3. The Wailing Wall / The Western Wall. This should probably be the Number One entry. Actually, all 10 of these entries could be thought of as tied for Number One, and then each time you consider them, you arrange which item most emotionally appeals to you that day. Hmm?
4. Cave of Machpelah, Tomb of the Patriarchs. The tombs of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in Hebron. Many legends are associated with the cave underneath the current day mosque.
5. The Shroud of Turin. The more they examine it, the more mysterious it is.
6. The Titulus Crucis. The Title nailed to the head of the cross proclaiming Jesus King of the Jews in three languages. This relic has a very excellent history of documentation and low chance of fraud. It is located at the Santa Croce Bascillica near Rome.
7. The Spear of Longinus, the Spear of Destiny, the Lancing Spear. Is it really the spear that the Roman (Longinus) stabbed Jesus with on the cross to see if Jesus was dead? As a relic it has a very long and creepy history befitting what one would expect from the real thing. It's located today in the Hapsburg Museum in Vienna.
8. Crown of Thorns. Currently located at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The history dates back to the 13th century when King Louis IX of France paid a zillion medieval dollars for this relic to add to his collection. Whether the history prior to 1200 is reliable we don't know, but King Louis was convinced.
9. The Image of Guadeloupe. Personally I'm not a doctrinal fan of the intercession of Mary, but this is definitely fascinating and it's Christian. Check this out if you've never heard of it before.
10. The Mount of the Beatitudes. The identified hillside is almost certainly the same locale in the Gospels. It has an amazingly tranquil affect on visitors. It's very beautiful as natural settings go, a bit breezy, has a very small and cute (modern day) church on the grounds, and a nice view of the northern Sea of Galilee. It's a "must see" for any Holy Land tourists.
Wax Pictures of Second Century Christians.
Cave of John the Baptist's birth.
Jesus' Robe. This was suggested by a reader. I don't know much about this, but here is a Wikipedia article about it. I like the movie about this with Richard Burton.

This has all been for fun, but I would really like to put a good list together. Please e-mail me if you can think of anything that would be worthy of the Top Ten or even Honorable Mention.

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